The Walters Group Desk System

The Walters Group Office


1318 Rymal Road East | Hamilton, Ontario

Featuring desk systems that prioritize individual privacy while still encouraging a collaborative work culture. The desks are constructed from locally sourced, fully recyclable materials.


Each working station is comprised of hardwood tops, bent steel legs, interchangeable felt-upholstered partitions, computer mounts, keyboard trays, desktop organizers, drawer cabinets and stationary carts all designed and built by Area91 from our Toronto studio and workshop.


Beyond individual work stations, this project includes integrated phone booths, a boardroom table, training tables, meeting tables at sitting and standing heights, as well as a central office focal point that uses a shipping container for informal meetings. 


Outside of the use of plastic castors (from a Canadian company) the Walter's Group Office project and build is:

  • 100% Toronto designed

  • 100% Toronto manufactured

  • 100% Canadian sourced raw materials: maple wood, steel, wool felt etc. 

  • Zero volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in entire project